The world's most
mini skid steer

SHERPA is the first manufacturer to introduce an electric mini skid steer. The 100ECO is just as powerful as its "combustion engine" counterparts and is particularly suitable for interior work. At only 29.92 inches wide, the SHERPA 100ECO can easily fit through a standard US doorway even while leaving the door on the hinges.

sherpa skid steer
Low rate finance

Elevator friendly

Two year warranty

Less than 31 inches wide

Delivered nationally

Zero fuel costs

Sherpa 100 eco

Stand-on operation. Robust and Built to last.

Sherpa EHD

Remote controlled. Heavy-duty frame can go where people should not.


Our available attachments expand the jobs your Mini Skid Steer can tackle on each job site.

Regular bucket

Grapple bucket

Who uses sherpa

Your competition is using these machines to be safer, more productive and more profitable on the following types of jobs:

  • Facilities Management
  • Concrete Cutting
  • Remodeling / Renovation

Pallet forks

Hydraulic hammer

Floor scraper

Vacuum system

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